Management of .ma domains

The management of “.ma” domain names has been delegated to the National Agency for Regulation of Telecommunications (l'Agence Nationale de Régulation des Télécommunication – ANRT ) by ICANN in June 2006. ANRT actualy provide technical administration through the website Individuals or institutions wishing to acquire a “ .ma” domain name must go through companies accredited by the ANRT. MTDS naturally benefits from this accreditation. ANRT has established a .ma naming charter which lists the rules for the administration of domain names in Morocco. “ .ma” Domain names can be registered by anyone, subject to compliance with rules issued by the charter. The administrative contact related to the domain name in question should also be established in Morocco. The website and domain name must be in accordance with the rules regarding territorial integrity and customs of the country. A non-exhaustive and constantly revised list of reserved terms is submitted for a preliminary validation from ANRT. To register one of the domain names from the lists a registration form of reserved terms must be completed and transmitted to us for an ANRT validation. The registration of a domain name takes less than 15 minutes. For domains that need  an authorization the registration can then take longer depending on any further ANRT demands.