How to transfer my Domain name?

We can distinguish three types of transfer concerning the domain names .ma at MTDS. * + The first case is when the applicant of the domain name and the current owner are both MTDS customers. The owner of the domain can transfer the domain to the applicant by login on the control panel. The owner of the domain needs the customer ID of the applicant to complete the transfer. * + The second case is when the owner is an MTDS client but the applicant not. As at the registry level, there is not transfer, the owner must cancel the domain and the applicant request the domain creation through MTDS or another registrar. MTDS provide an cancellation notice to the owner of the domain who must be sent with the domain creation request to the registry by the applicant for avoid loosing the domain between our cancellation and the new application. * + The last case is when the applicant is MTDS client but the owner not. The applicant must provide MTDS a cancellation notice signed by the owner on a letter head.

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