Validity Rules

The top level domain “ .ma” consists of a principal extension and other extensions for particular usage: • .ma: for general use • for internet providers • for universities and teaching institutions • for organizations and associations • for government agencies • for press sites • for commercial organizations .ma domain names can be registered by anyone provided the rules above are met, the administrative contact is based in Morocco and the domain is used for a site that conforms to the Moroccan law. A domain name must have more than two (02) characters and no more than two hundred and fifty five characters. A domain name can be composed of: • Alphanumeric characters [a-z] • Numerical characters [0-9] • A dash [-] but not as the first or last character Please note: A domain name cannot start with xn - - In general, all extensions can be registered freely except “” which is available only for Moroccan government. To qualify to register a “” domain the attached form must be completed and sent to the registrar for validation by the ANRT.